A Great Natural Sedative and More

Herbal remedies and natural teas are growing in popularity each day and a trip to the local pharmacy will help to explain why. Long lists of dangerous side effects, combined with high drug costs that only seem to increase, make alternative natural remedies that are safe and inexpensive much more appealing to the public. For years, skullcap tea has been used by Native Americans and herbalists to help with a number of different conditions. Many different uses exist for the plant, but the most common has always been its calming, sedative qualities that can be applied to a wide range of different issues both mental and physical.

A Tea for Relaxation

There are many nerve related conditions that skullcap tea can be used to treat. Anxiety, stress, epilepsy, and even PMS symptoms can be reduced by regular use of the tea. Sufferers of insomnia have been able to get to sleep and rest soundly after drinking a cup of the tea. Even the severity and frequency of tension headaches can be greatly reduced through the use of this tea. The tea is frequently recommended by herbalists as a way to combat high blood pressure, and those recovering from a night of heavy drinking can usually find a bit of relief by using this calming tea.

Healing Properties

Recent research has found other uses for skullcap tea as well. These studies have found evidence that the tea can be used to help reduce the chances of stroke or heart disease in certain instances and may even be able to help treat allergies or some types of cancer. This is due to its ability to regulate blood pressure and promote blood circulation to the brain which can decrease the chances of stroke. While a doctor and modern medical care is always your best bet in dealing with these problems, it certainly won’t hurt to supplement your care through traditional means. This tea carries no discernible side effects, making it a safe way to promote better overall health while also helping calm your nerves as well as your body.

Other Uses

The long list of benefits to be found in drinking skullcap tea doesn’t end there. This herbal remedy is also great for reducing inflammation, making it effective for those that suffer from arthritis. It also has the ability to reduce fevers and headaches. Furthermore the antihistamine and antioxidant capabilities of this tea make it excellent for cleansing the body of harmful disease and infection. Claims state that it is useful in treating jaundice, diarrhea, throat infections, and urinary tract infections as well.

On average, two cups of skullcap tea each day is a good way to help combat stress and anxiety. Drinking it before bed can help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Add to these calmative properties the other benefits recently suggested, and you have a strong argument for using this tea as a part of your regular health routine. New benefits are constantly being uncovered, but the health uses and benefits that we are already aware of are reason enough to start using this amazing natural sedative. Your mind and body will thank you.