Skullcap Tea: A Potential Aid for Cancer

Over the years many attempts have been made at finding natural remedies that can help relieve cancer patients. There are many different beneficial herbs available to us today and luckily some of these have been found to hold cancer fighting properties. Among the herbal remedies that are suggested to those looking for natural ways to assist in the fighting of cancer cells, skullcap tea is one of the herbal remedies that many doctors recommend.

History of Cancer

The history of cancer has been no doubt, frustrating for those affected by it. While there have been some breakthroughs regarding the proper treatment for some cancers, for others it seems for some that we are still far from reaching a definite solution for this notorious disease. Despite constant research, the exact causes behind cancer still remain mostly unknown, making it more difficult to treat. Today, there are different ways of treating cancer depending on the type of cancer that a person is affected with. Additionally, there are also many herbal supplements that can be taken along with treatment which can help the body to kill off or slow the growth of cancer cells.

Skullcap Tea

Studies that have been done on skullcap tea’s effect on cancer so far have shown that this herbal tea has the ability to stimulate apoptosis in cancer cells. The process of apoptosis will cause abnormal cells to destroy themselves without causing harm to healthy cells that are present. This is mostly a result of the antioxidants present in skullcap tea as well as β-Elemene, which has also been shown to hold anti-cancer properties to it. Although skullcap tea isn’t a full cure for cancer, it can offer additional assistance for those being treated for it. However, it is wise to consult with a doctor beforehand to ensure that it will not adversely affect any medications you may be prescribed.