Skullcap Tea for Anxiety

There are many herbal remedies available to us that can help promote a sense of relaxation and calm in the body, making them useful for treating nervous symptoms such as anxiety. These remedies are generally preferred in comparison to over the counter medications which can come with unwanted side effects. Among the list of herbal teas and remedies offered to us, skullcap tea is widely recommended for those that suffer from feelings of stress and anxiety due to the sedative and therapeutic effects it has on the body.

Causes of Anxiety

Feelings of anxiety are very similar to feelings of fear, however unlike fear, many times it will be hard to pinpoint the exact cause behind feelings of anxiety. Anxiety can range from mild to serious and in some cases therapy may be needed. What is it that causes anxiety? A majority of anxiety cases stem from underlying stress that affects an individual. Other causes that can result in anxiety are environmental factors, certain chemicals in the body, trauma, as well as medical factors. Furthermore, certain drugs and alcohol can also increase susceptibility to feelings of anxiety.

How Skullcap Tea Helps

Skullcap tea has a prominent reputation for being an herb that is well known for helping the body exhibit feelings of calmness and relaxation. Since the origin of its use, skullcap tea has been continually used as a tonic for the nervous system, helping with issues of anxiety as well as similar issues such as irritability and insomnia. In order to use skullcap tea for anxiety, it is advised to drink two to three cups of this tea a day or as symptoms arise. Do not use skullcap tea if you are nursing, pregnant, or currently prescribed to any medications. Contact a physician prior to drinking skullcap tea to ensure that this herbal remedy is the best choice for you.